The Ankou

This creature looks like Death personified; literally


The Ankou is a legend among Malkavians, a sort of equivalent to the Nictuku for the Nosferatu.

There are many tales about the being known as Ankou. It is an ancient terror that stalks the night and appears in Malkavians’ dreams as a remorseless, lifeless monster that silently treads country roads with an ox-cart and scythe.

A few have said it is the first of the serial killers, or possibly their patron saint. Some believe the Ankou to be a Methuselah, grandchilde of Malkav and faithful servant of his creator. Its power is so great that it can walk unscathed through Garou territory or even vanish from one place and appear miles away. Vampires, especially Malkavians, are known to vanish from their hunting grounds without a trace.

Malkavians vanish from their hunting grounds all the time, but sometimes after a disappearance, the Madness Network vibrates with whispers repeating “Ankou". Members of the clan who know of the Ankou treat its legends with reverence and loathing.


The Ankou

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