Vampire the masquerade by rjan

Quiet! Hear the raven’s cry! The stillness of the wind rising hot on the street the towers hide the darkness of the day.
When Lasombra’s dreams-come true on the day when the moon runs as blood and the sun rises black in the sky, that is the day of the Damned, when Caine’s children will rise again.

And the world will turn cold and unclean things will boil up from the ground and great storms will roll, lightingwill light fires, animals will fester and their bodies, twisted, will fall. So, too, our Grandsires will rise from the ground. They will break their fast on the first part of us. They will consume us whole.

On the second day, Caine will return. And call his Children to the meeting place on the site of the First City he will beckon them, sitting on his basalt throne.

Vampire Chronicles

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